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Our aim in teaching technology is to provide the children with a comprehensive introduction to a broad range of computer based activities. The skills they learn will be useful across the school curriculum and beyond.

These skills will include computer mechanics, keyboarding, word processing, electronic presentation, digital imaging, desktop publishing, coding, website design, networking, 3D design and printing, internet research and digital citizenship. Our aim is to make this an entertaining and creative experience as well as an educational one.

All of the games and activities linked to here are on the internet. Students are only allowed to play the game that is directly linked to. If you do not have adequate parental controls installed, you should not let your children play on the internet without supervision!

Many of the activities require Adobe Flash. You can enable flash in your browser settings. For Chrome see here, for Edge see here, for Firefox see here and for Safari see here

The Resources section is for teachers and parents. Let me know if you have resources to share.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions. 

"Using technology to create, communicate, educate and entertain"  Sarah Morlidge