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Jupiter Instructions for Students
Jupiter Instructions
P. My Surface won't turn on This is most likely caused by a flat battery. Please plug in to a chrger, check the chrging light is one, and come back in half an hour. If you are certain the battery is charged, please try yhe two button restart explained below.
Q. How do I check I am on the correct school WiFi nework? A. Click on the Wi-Fi icon Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. You should choose the 'CHA-Staff', network, check the box to Connect Automatically and then click on Connect Q. Why can't I print? A. Most likely because you are not connected to the CHA-Staff Wi-Fi network. Follow the directions in A1.
P. My keyboard working? A. If your keyboard isn't responding, unclip it from the Surface and reattach. If that doesn't work, restart your Surface.
Q. How to I restart my Surface? A. For a normal restart, click on the Windows button, click the power  icon, choose Restart. If you are restarting because your Surface is experiencing difficulties, try the Two Button Restart. Find the power switch and volume control buttons at the top left corner of the Surface. Hold them both down at the same time, ignore any messages on the screen and count to 30. When everything goes black, count to 10 and turn the surface back on using the power swtich.
Q. How do I log in to Office 365? A. Click on the Office 365 icon on the Language Arts page of this website, and log in with your username and password. You will need a shortcut to Office 365. Make one if you don't have one.
Q.  How do I install Office at home? On your home computer, laptop or tablet, log in to Office 365. In the top right ocrner of the home screen you will see a dropdown that says 'Install Office'. Choose the Office 365 apps, and run the file that downloads.
Q. How do I change the default browser to Chrome? A. Click on the Windows button, then choose the settings cog. It looks like this Windows 10 Settings Icon. In the Windows Settings search box, type Default and click on the magnifying glass. Click on 'Choose a default web browser. Select Google Chrome from the list. Choose 'Switch anyway' if it asks you to try Microsoft Edge.
Q. How do I create a desktop shortcut in Chrome? A. Open Chrome. Go to Choose the site you want to make a short cut for e.g. Renaissance Place or IXL Math to get the right address. Click on the ellipsis Google Chrome Ellipsis, choose 'More Tools, then 'Create Shortcut'. Type in a name for your shortcut, click on Create. The shortcut should appear on your desktop.
Q. How do I set my home page in Chrome? A. A. Open Chrome. Go to the site you want to be your home page. Click on the ellipsis Google Chrome Ellipsis, choose 'Settings', then scroll down to the section called 'On Startup'.Choose 'Open a specific page or set of pages' and choose 'Use current pages'. Anything you have open will be opened everytime you open chrome.
Q. How do I enable Flash for a website? A. Click on the padlock Chrome Padlockto the left of the website address. Choose 'Site Settings', scrollw down to Flash and choose 'Allow'
How do I in a program to the task bar?  

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How do I create a new Word doc in One Drive?